Business Continuity Solutions

Fully Managed Replication

Your data backup is a core foundation of your systems resilience but could your business cope with being offline for a day or more when data and systems are recovered from backup only? If not you need a business IT continuity solution. The Unite Group can offer a range of full business data and system continuity solutions to keep your business working. 

Quick and Easy!

Our business continuity options can replicate all your servers and important data, in a secure cloud environment and made available to you within an hour. 


So if the worst were to happen and your office or server is unexpectedly damaged – one call to us and we can have you fully working and back up and running again within the hour!

Continuity Solutions to keep your business online!

Standard back ups can sometimes take weeks to restore! No business needs that! Replication with The Unite Group means you never have to worry about being offline again – even in the worst of situations!

This means your business is always fully covered and ready to respond to any challenges that may occur!

The team at Unite would fully manage this process and would be on hand 24/7 to get you back online!

If you would like to discuss this further with one of our experts please call 0191 466 1050 or email



Cloud Data Backup

Do you use any popular cloud solutions from Google, Office 365, Azure or Amazon S3?


Do you know it is your responsibility to ensure you have backups of your cloud data? It’s not the providers responsibility. Don’t fall foul of compliance issues or data loss in Microsoft 365, with 365 Email, SharePoint and more.


Speak to the Unite Group today about your options for Cloud Data Backups.

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If you would like more information on our Business Continuity Solutions please contact The Unite Group on 0191 4661050 or email