Managed Backups

Managed Backup Solutions

Are you sure that your company data is safe, secure and being managed properly? Is your data protected with the 3 – 2 – 1 approach? Three copies of your data, on two different storage mediums and one off-site copy! To protect your business your backups need to be planned and managed on an ongoing basis. The Unite Group offers a managed backup solution to this issue.

Keep your data safe and secure!

Managed backups are the only product that can stand between your company and complete data loss. While it can be easy to ignore when you haven’t had any server issues, how would you cope if your system went down and was unrecoverable? 


The Unite Group can fully manage your backups to ensure your data is safe and secure, these are monitored meaning we can be sure your backups are always successful and up to date.


If a backup fails we automatically raise a ticket to our helpdesk and our team of experts will find the problem to ensure your data is continually and safely backed up and managed.

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  • Peace of mind – No backup tapes to take home, rotate and monitor, The Unite Group will safely store and monitor your backups in the cloud so you know they are always up to date.
  • Monitoring Software – All our managed backup solutions are managed meaning we constantly monitor your backups and data to ensure its up to date.
  • Ongoing Support – The experts at The Unite Group are always available to assist in an emergency and can be ready to restore your data in an emergency.
  • High Performance – Our platform can take incremental backups of your system at regular intervals, improving not only the speed of replication but also reducing the impact it has on the performance of your server
  • Backup Replication – If you need the extra security of an off-site copy we can provide replications in each of our secure data-centre.


managed backups

If you would like more information on our Managed Backup Services please contact The Unite Group on 0191 4661050 or email