Business Broadband

Business Broadband Solutions to fit your business needs


The Unite group can offer you a range of dedicated business broadband products to provide our customers with the best possible service wherever your location.

Our business products keep your business online and we are there to help and support when needed!


Business ASDL, ASDL2+

Delivered down an analogue telephone line there are a range of ADSL products on offer to our customers nationwide, with an unlimited download option and excellent speeds available depending on location, this offers an excellent option for most businesses. 

All our ADSL products come with a dedicated static IP address. 

Fibre to Cabinet (FTTC).

Fibre to cabinet offers customers a dedicated high speed internet connection provided by fibre optic cables to the local communications cabinet. The speeds delivered to your premises will be much faster than standard ADSL services. 

Fibre to the premises

This service offers a direct fibre to your premises providing excellent speeds, with download speeds of up to 300mbps this really does provide the fast connection to support your business. 

Leased Lines

Also known as a private wire, leased lines provide a dedicated connection back to the network, this means you will receive guaranteed speeds and are not affected by contention rates or the distance from the local exchange

Satellite and Wireless

The Unite Group can offer Satellite and wireless broadband services for remote customers, this service provides an excellent option for those customers where traditional broadband circuits are not available or do not offer suitable speeds.

If you would like more information on our business broadband solutions please contact The Unite Group on 0191 4661050 or email