Horizon Public WiFi

Public WiFi which is safe, secure and works for you!

Horizon Public WiFi not only provides a service your customers now expect but ensures they get satisfaction. Satisfaction that they have been provided with a professional service that works and represents your business in the way you would like. 


Horizon Public WiFi from Unite tracks the users so you can provide information to the authorities if someone looks at inappropriate material.


Horizon registers to our cloud based controllers meaning your customers information is protected and secure. 


Horizon is also intelligent and allows users to register to use the service by providing their email address but then once they have logged into Horizon at any location it remembers them on our cloud based server so next time it’s just a click and they are online! 

WiFi for Business Marketing - Direct Marketing

Take a picture of that special offer or today’s menu and instantly provide this to anyone logging onto the service! Horizon really is WiFi that works for you!


Horizon can also provide your professionally designed home page to promote your business.


The system is compatible with multiple devices including laptops, tablets and mobiles.


Horizon also captures data for online marketing and you can download this straight from our online portal!

  • Allows you to collect and export customer details.
  • Horizon WiFi can be managed online and from one location.
  • Home screens etc. can be managed and presented with your company branding and company information.
  • Download your captured data and use for email or direct marketing.
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horizon public wifi