We already know, that being on all social media platforms is not essential. From LinkedIn to Tiktok, you need to decide which platforms are relevant for your business.

Depending on your industry, target audience and goals, you may be selective when it comes to your online presence.

A strong online presence allows you to communicate with your consumers and show the personality of your brand.

By defining your brand voice, you are able to dictate which platforms are best for your business.


However, LinkedIn is often overlooked. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the internet.

It allows you to job search, find candidates and network with other businesses and their employees.

LinkedIn also allows you to start important conversations with a community of professionals, discussing topics that are relevant to your brand.

Networking on LinkedIn

Networking is an integral cog that is required for the growth and success of a business.

By connecting your personal profile to your LinkedIn page, you can navigate around the platform with two touchpoints.

And the best part of online networking is that your network can expand both, nationally and internationally, from the comfort of your own home.

You can develop genuine connections that will benefit your business from the comfort of your own home.

LinkedIn isn’t just for the CEOs of national law firms – it’s for students, interior designers, journalists, property developers. Any profession, you name it, and you can be on LinkedIn.

A strong connection also results in higher engagement, you are slowly building a supportive community who want to see you succeed.

By creating genuine connections, you are able to offer your services in an approachable and friendly tone, rather than being too sales driven.

LinkedIn, also allows you to showcase your brand, keeping your connections updated with what your company is doing.

Another bonus is that LinkedIn profiles are ranked with a high optimisation on Google. Benefitting the search engine optimisation of your company and increasing traffic to your profiles and website.

You can link your other social media platforms to your business account, meaning when you post on Instagram you can post on LinkedIn simultaneously.

The platform also makes it clear which profiles are looking for work and which aren’t, LinkedIn allows candidates to find your openings based on level, role, and location.

By sharing knowledge and the work your business does, you are improving the credibility of your brand.

Your business can also make use of Campaign manager, allowing you to create targeted adverts to reach your relevant audience.

By using this hand in hand with other platforms, you are automatically expanding the audience that your adverts and organic content reach.

Creating your LinkedIn Business page is simple and is also, extremely valuable.

By using LinkedIn regularly, you can increase your engagement and reach, whilst building lasting connections with fellow professionals.

How can we help?

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