Outsourced IT Support Services

Improving the efficiency of your business is easy with outsourced IT support services from The Unite Group. We cover the whole of the UK and we have experts available ’24×7′ to ensure your business is always covered and fully operational.

Reduced Costs

Our outsourced IT support services can keep your business running smoothly without the added overheads and impact on revenue.

You can improve operational efficiency for your business and control your company’s costs by outsourcing your IT. Fixed per user pricing allows you to easily budget for each employee to receive full support on any device.

Outsourced IT support services from The Unite Group allow you to avoid making major investments in infrastructure, software, and employees.

We take into consideration cost planning for your business by splitting the cost into monthly direct debits.

This makes your outsourced IT support services a much more manageable cost and means you don’t have to consider holiday or sick pay into your budget.

Outsourcing IT can save a company 40% or more on their IT needs (thedailymba.com).

Improved Efficiency

Your company will gain access to expert knowledge without having to train and employ a full-time member of staff.

However, we know that business isn’t always fixed to the office. Because of this, our outsourced IT support services are priced ‘per user’ rather than device, making the cost of supporting users cheaper overall.

Our engineers are available from 8:30am until 5:00pm to provide support to your business either over the phone or on-site.

Our Help Desk engineers can remotely access your IT and troubleshoot any issues that may arise with little down time.

We also offer out-of-hours support 24×7 when you need us.

Another benefit to having outsourced it support services from The Unite Group is that you can maximise your resources in-house, by leaving the responsibility of your IT in our hands.

Outsourced IT Support Services

Managed IT services from The Unite Group are fast, reliable, and intuitive.

We offer in-house 24/7 support with site visits included in the monthly cost.

As well as this, our outsourced IT support services include day to day support, proactive management, and strategic planning.

Additionally, our systems run automatic tests and repairs whilst you work allowing us to prevent any issues from arising and affecting your working day.

If any issues do arise, our customers can contact us by raising a ticket or giving us a phone call. Our Help Desk Engineers are here to help remotely and see it through to completion.

Additionally, in most cases, we’re notified of any issues and have started dealing with them before you are even aware. This proactive approach is the key to keep your business operational.

The Unite Group can support your business in making the move to Microsoft 365.

And as The Unite Group are a Microsoft Partner, your business can be assured that your Microsoft licenses are managed by our team of fully qualified engineers. From migration technical project planning to configuration and customisation, our team are also here to provide unrivalled Microsoft 365 support.

As part of our outsourced IT support services, The Unite Group can fully manage your backups to ensure your data is safe and secure.

Back ups are monitored, therefore this means that we’re always sure your backups are always successful and up to date.

Choosing a reliable and efficient IT provider is vital for your business. And the key to outsourcing successfully starts with the right partnership. So if you are considering placing your outsourced IT support services with The Unite Group or would like to know more, book your free consultation today. You can give us a call on 0191 466 1050 or emailing us on info@theunitegroup.co.uk.