SharePoint is a cloud-based service hosted by Microsoft for businesses of all sizes (Microsoft, 2022).

SharePoint allows businesses to share and manage content between employees. This Office 365 product can streamline communication processes with colleagues and partners.

At The Unite Group, we are Microsoft Partners, meaning we can seamlessly migrate our customers to Office 365.

The Unite Group can help make informed decisions on the right subscription products to match your business’ requirements.

One of the more common products that businesses require is SharePoint.

What are the features of SharePoint?

As stated, SharePoint is a cloud-based service which promotes collaboration from remote locations and devices.

SharePoint is integrated with other Office 365 apps to give users to ability to do more in less time.

Co-authoring allows users to edit documents at the same time. Co-authoring is enabled on supported file formats such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Co-authors must be given permission to access and edit documents before doing so.

Versioning provides a safety-net for human error. Versioning creates a historical record of all changes made to a document with the date, time and user who edited it.

This means when mistakes are made, users can view, delete and restore previous versions of the document.

What are the benefits of SharePoint?

If you are a business owner who is constantly searching through paper trails for the right document. Then SharePoint can solve this problem.

By uploading your files and documents to SharePoint, your files can be accessed and edited instantly. The security of your files is ensured. Everything is kept safe in the cloud and backed up with managed backups from The Unite Group.

Productivity is increased by using SharePoint throughout your working day. Less resource and time is spent searching for documents and communicating with colleagues. All of your resources are accessed at an instant.

Visibility for your employees is also increased as documents can be shared within the cloud between colleagues once given permission.

SharePoint promotes collaboration in the workplace allowing users to edit and share documents simultaneously, and from any location.

After the pandemic, there has never been a greater demand for colleagues to collaborate from different locations. SharePoint allows this with their co-authoring feature. Meaning colleagues can work effectively as a team from the comfort of their own home.

Another key benefit is that your files can be accessed across multiple devices. From your PC to your mobile, you can work efficiently on any device. And to top this, when outsourcing your Managed IT Services to The Unite Group, we charge per user rather than device. Saving your company a mass amount of revenue.

Day-to-day tasks such as collecting feedback and tracking issues can feel tedious. However, SharePoint can integrate common business functions, making it easier to stay on top of your daily tasks.

How can The Unite Group assist your business in migrating to SharePoint?

The Unite Group can create an effective and seamless migration plan for your business. We can dictate which subscription products will fulfil your business’ needs, such as SharePoint.

If this is something that you would be interested in for your business, then contact The Unite Group on 0191 466 1050 or email us on

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