IT Support


IT Support from The Unite Group gets you back online and your business working no matter what your technology

Clear Pricing

When your PC fails or you can’t access that important email here at The Unite Group our aim is to provide the support you need to get back online! At Unite we support the people in every business and help them wherever they are on any piece of technology.


That’s why we support people not boxes! We don’t count how many desktops, switches or routers you have, our job is to keep you and your team working effectively to make sure your IT, whatever it may be, just works.

Here for you when you need us!

So when you have IT support with The Unite Group, we will never tell you a piece of equipment is not covered, if it belongs to a supported person our dedicated helpdesk will look to get you back online.

Unite will also never charge you extra for a working on the phone, tablet or laptop when away from the office, we will support you and make sure we are there to help quickly.

Supporting your people also means there are no hidden costs or surprises! If the person is covered then we will get them back online even if that’s means coming out to site to investigate issues we are unable fix remotely.


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We step in before it becomes an issue

The Unite Group also use our clever monitoring software meaning in most cases we can be aware of IT issues before you even realise! We will start work to fix these and keep you operational in the background meaning we are always one step ahead!


So when you need us day and night we will be there for you, just raise a ticket and our skilled team will be back in touch to help.

If you would like more information on any of our IT Support solutions please contact The Unite Group on 0191 4661050 or email