We always hear people talking about the cloud, iCloud, the ones in the sky – it can be somewhat confusing.

Therefore, here at The Unite Group, our aim is to remove all the jargon and to make understanding technology simple.

The cloud is essentially like a filing cabinet, with all your business’ files inside. Except there is no physical cabinet and everything is accessed via the internet.

Therefore, it enables multiple users to access the same files and applications across a number of devices.

Using a cloud computing service allows companies to stop making use of physical servers and allows them to migrate their data and files onto an online server that can be accessed from anywhere.

As long as you have internet access, your company’s files and data will be readily available to be accessed from the cloud.

By migrating your data to the cloud, hardware costs are reduced for small to medium sized companies. Therefore the need for these businesses to maintain and update their own servers is removed.

Not only is the cloud so easily accessible, 94% of businesses report to have seen improved online security since they migrated to the cloud.

Microsoft 365 is a widely used example of an app which allows you to store your files in the cloud.

Likewise, Google Drive is an example of a cloud computing service. Consumers often use Google Drive to store their files, photos and more.

So, now the question is how will it transform hybrid working?

Well it already has. At one point, everyone except essential workers were working from home and computing services, like the cloud, were an essential.

The past year the cloud has been vital to helping companies tackle one of their greatest challenges yet.

Hybrid Working Life

Office workers are now adjusting to a life of hybrid working models. Individuals may find that they spend two days in the office and three days at home.

Due to employee expectations since the pandemic, we are very much expecting hybrid working to stay.

But in order for this new working model to work both effectively and efficiently, businesses need a service like the cloud.

Cloud computing services make alternating between remote working and office working a smooth and simple process.

The main benefit being that the files and applications stored in the cloud can be accessed anywhere so long as there is a strong internet connection.

How can The Unite Group help?

Here at The Unite Group, we can migrate your data from your current mail server to the cloud. We can make sure that you take all your emails and contacts with you to avoid disruption.

Our specialist service allows collaborative working from any location to be immediately available for you and your business.

If you choose to migrate your data with the Unite Group, we will do all the hard work for you.

We will create and implement a seamless migration plan with little disruption to your working day.

If migrating to the cloud sounds like something you and your business would be interested in. Get in touch and contact The Unite Group today on 0191 466 1050 or email us on info@theunitegroup.co.uk.