BT has recently announced that they are switching all their customers from PTSN and ISDN services to a fully digital network, as Openreach are discontinuing the old phone analogue lines by 2025.

This therefore concerns all small to medium-sized businesses, and even affects home services too. If you are a business, this affects everything that uses old phone networks including alarm and door entry systems.

By switching to digital phone services, you are able to make calls from any device in any location, using the same phone number.

This allows you to be able to link business applications and systems with video chat, calls and collaboration – which is a necessity in the workplace since the pandemic.

The technical term for this digital phone service is hosted telephony.

Hosted Telephony means that your phone system is hosted in the cloud. This is instead of physically in your office.

The installation process is simple, there are no physical cables to install and connect. All that is required is an internet connection.

Hosted Telephony provides a flexible and reliable way to manage your communications in the workplace.

One of the benefits of hosted telephony is that once it is installed, it can be easily managed and tailored to your business. You will also have the option of adding extra features.

Calls can be made and received across multiple devices including your phone and desktop.

The flexibility of hosted telephony allows small and growing businesses to scale up. You also then don’t have phone numbers that are tied to one location.

Advanced features of hosted telephony include SMS messaging, voicemail, Microsoft Integration, call recordings and more.

Hosted Telephony also reduces maintenance and IT costs for your business.

How can we help?

At The Unite Group, we use Voice 365 to provide our customers with hosted cloud telephony service.

Voice 365 provides a range of features including, call centre and remote working, receptionist software, call management, and more.

We provide Voice 365 phones with no purchase cost. All of the payments are billed monthly, this allows you to spread out the cost for your business.

If this is something you might be interested in learning more about, why not give us a call on 0191 466 1050. Or email us on