Patient Partner is a brand-new service that we are offering at The Unite Group.

Since the pandemic, telephone appointments in medical practices have been the norm.

Despite telephone appointments improving patient access, call traffic and waiting times have increased massively.

Patients are being triaged and assessed over the phone and it is likely that this will continue to stay.

Patient Partner streamlines the processes over the phone and allows telephone appointments to continue with ease.

The new service removes the middleman and allows patients to book appointments with their medical practice without having to speak to a member of staff.

Voice 365 Technology

Using Voice 365 technology, Patient Partner acts as a virtual receptionist and works for those who are already registered with the practice.

There are routine appointments such as smear tests and asthma reviews can be booked using Patient Partner.

With this system the patients will be able to choose from a menu that is automatically read out to them.

The Triage module leads patients through a list of options which creates an appointment with the correct clinician.

On booking an appointment, the patient is required to record a message which details why they need an appointment.

This feature will then allow the clinicians to prioritise calls that are deemed as urgent. 

Patients can also access external services when utilising the self-referral mode.

Appointment menus can be seasonal, adding flu jabs to the menu in the winter months.

Patients can also order repeat prescriptions and reveal test results.

Patient Partner is a low-cost and simple service which improves patient access to practice services.

To access Patient Partner, patients need their date of birth, telephone number and PIN number.

The practice has the ability to decide what time of day they offer specific services, creating structure for the medical practice.

Patient Partner is a 24-hour service, allowing patients to call and make appointments at any time.

A benefit of Patient Partner is that the virtual receptionist can alleviate staff pressure.

Call traffic is reduced massively, helping those who need to speak to a member of staff, get through to reception sooner.

Patient Partner is currently available in 11 languages to help meet the needs of the patients registered at your practice.

This is another benefit, as it helps breakdown language barriers for those whose first language isn’t English.

How can we help?

There are a number of benefits to using Patient Partner in your practice.

And if this is something that would benefit your practice, then The Unite Group can help.

Starting with a free consultation, we can walk you through the process and discuss the tool in depth.

We can schedule an easy installation with little disruption to your working day.

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