A lot of common organisational and productivity-based problems in your business can be solved a simple IT solution, SharePoint.

What is SharePoint?

Part of the Microsoft 365 package, SharePoint is a cloud-based service suitable for any sized business looking to streamline their communications with colleagues and partners. A platform where sharing documents, information, company processes and much more is made easily accessible by staff across devices.

As the lockdowns from the COVID-19 pandemic has caused an increased momentum to the already accelerating process of digitisation and cloud computing there has never been a better time to utilise SharePoint.

As Microsoft 365 Partners, here at The Unite Group we help customers make an informed decision on the right subscription products to match their business requirements. So why SharePoint?

Improve Productivity

As a business owner how often do you find yourself unable to find that document in time for that important meeting? Do your staff spend lots of time following paper trails or searching through emails for important company updates? A simple IT solution is to upload all documents to your business SharePoint.

With all important documents in one place this will free up you and your staff’s time leading to increased productivity. Time can now be spent on the work at hand rather than frustrating searches for lost files!

Enhance Collaboration & Teamwork

With all documents, announcements, and updates in one place you will be creating a workspace primed for enhanced collaboration and teamwork. Colleagues can share files and updates in real time as well as collaborate on documents at the same time.

Need to edit that presentation before an important meeting? No problem, with shared files multiple colleagues can work on the same presentation/document at the same time. Therefore, making this a simple IT solution to a frustrating problem.

Hybrid Working is Here to Stay

With hybrid working looking like it is here to stay post-pandemic, it is now more important than ever that every member of staff can access their work from home. Files can be accessed and synced on PC, Mac, and mobile devices. So, no matter where you or your colleagues are, everyone can be in the know and work together effectively.

Simplify your Business Functions

How does your business currently handle common business functions such as collecting feedback or tracking issues? Thought about it? I bet there could be some room for improvement, enough to free up some of your precious time. With SharePoint you can integrate workflows designed to automate your common business functions. Making it easier to keep track of day-day tasks.


One of the best reasons to use SharePoint as an IT solution is that it is customisable to your business needs. Whether it be customising the interface to match your branding or full customisation of workflows. You can make it work best for you.

Has SharePoint piqued your curiosity? As part of our Microsoft 365 Support Services, we can help you migrate to Microsoft 365.

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