Office 365

Office 365 is a suite of apps that help you stay connected and get things done.

Microsoft Office 365 allows you to connect with colleagues, work remotely and collaboratively from any device or location.

Most will know about the benefits of SharePoint and Teams for your business.

However, we have gathered our top Microsoft Office 365 hacks that can increase your productivity during your working day.

On a daily basis, we share important files and documents that may need edited or added to by our colleagues.

Office 365 allows you to upload your file to the cloud storage and share it using Outlook.

This automatically grants edit permission to those you are emailing, allowing the document to be edited and saved by users.

#2 You can add signatures to your emails

Outlook is compatible with free electronic signature apps, such as, DocuSign.

This allows you to avoid the process of printing, signing and scanning in both an efficient and timely manner.

Adding your electronic signature gives a sense of professionalism without the added time spent on it.

#3 The 3D Map

Microsoft Excel allows you to convert rows of data into images and graphs.

If your data is geographic in nature, Power Map has the facilities to turn the data into a 3D map.

This works great for that all important meeting or presentation!

#4 Declutter your inbox with Outlook 

We are all guilty of putting our emails into email lists for a 20% discount code here and there or handing out your business card to enter a competition.

And we always regret it later! However, filtering out these emails is easy when turning on the Clutter feature in Outlook.  

Outlook will pay attention to which emails you read and leave unopened and will filter low-priority emails into your ‘Clutter’ section once it understands your preferences.

Allowing you to focus on work and ignore the online shopping! 

#5 Use OneNote to keep you organised 

Office 365 can keep you organised! Are you the kind of worker that has notes across your diary, planner, sticky notes etc? OneNote allows you to keep your notes and to-do lists all in one place! 

#6 Get Creative with Sway 

Not everyone has a marketing team to help them out with that big presentation that they are working on. So, if you are struggling with creativity – use Sway to help you out!

Sway provides you with a number of templates, photos and bonus features to accelerate your content.  

Office 365 has so many features that you may not even realise come with your package! Here at The Unite Group, we understand that every company has different requirements.

We help our customers make an informed decision on the right subscription products to fit their business’ needs.  

If you are considering the move to Office 365, we can create a seamless migration plan for your business.

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