At The Unite group we pride ourselves on being able to identify and solve your business’ IT issues. This is because we know that your IT systems need to be reliable, meet your business needs and be cost effective! Here is how we solve your business’ IT issues.

Monitoring Systems

We use clever monitoring software meaning in most cases we can be aware of IT issues before you even realise. Our computers work around the clock, scanning your systems to look for and iron out any potential snags.

We will start work to fix these and keep you operational in the background meaning we are always one step ahead! So, while you are working, or enjoying your well-earned time off, we are busy in the background making sure your kit runs as glitch-free as possible. This means most IT issues are resolved without you even having to call us.

However, if you do need help it is as easy as giving us a call and raising a ticket. Our Help Desk Engineers are here to help remotely and see it through to completion.

Trained Engineers

Another way in which we solve your business’ IT issues is with our team of experienced engineers! Our engineers are both honest and reliable and are on hand to provide you the highest standard of service. This is because we know how important it is for you as business owners to feel secure in the knowledge that your IT is kept in safe hands.

Our engineers undergo continuous professional development to build knowledge on latest technologies. Better yet are just a phone call away when you need them! Available from 8:30am until 5pm our engineers can support you over the phone, remotely via your own PC or can visit on-site. This means that when issues with your IT system do arise. Like those annoying problems that cannot be troubleshooted over the phone, our engineers can remotely access your IT systems. This allows them to fix IT issues with little down time when you need it most!

Even better, we offer 24/7 support with site visits included in your monthly cost. This means you can be certain that one of our expert engineers will jump in their van and head to your site to solve any issues.

Proactive Management

As part of our IT Management and Support services we also work to prevent IT issues from happening, not just detect them. This means we maintain and monitor your IT systems to prevent issues. This involves regularly updating applications in the background and patching hardware and software to fix vulnerabilities.

We also make sure to have out of hours planned maintenance to keep your devices up to date and protected. As part of our strategy and planning meetings we will also use our cyber security expertise to safeguard your business. Within these meetings we will discuss technology recommendations that can help grow and benefit your businesses and adapt your services accordingly.

If you are considering outsourcing your Managed IT Services, you can receive full-service IT support from The Unite Group. Enquire today on 0191 466 1050 or email us on

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