Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 has a range of applications to help you work collaboratively and flexibly.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work completely. In two years, we have adapted from office work, to working from home and now to hybrid working.

Working patterns are unique to each individual workplace. It is totally dependent on what compliments the staff and the business’ needs.

Here at The Unite Group, we opt for office-based working with the ability to work from home where necessary.

We have the flexibility to do this due to Microsoft 365. As we are Microsoft Partners, we offer these applications as part of our full IT Business Solution.

Hybrid Working with Teams

Microsoft applications include Teams, SharePoint, Outlook and so much more!

Microsoft Teams has become the new norm. Important business meeting with international clients? Schedule a call on teams!

This reduces travel expenses for your business and promotes productivity from any location.

If your office doesn’t have set WFH (work from home) days, your staff may struggle to find a time to arrange meetings.

By using your shared Outlook Calendar, you can block out time for meetings, staff can RSVP to meetings and note whether you are joining in person or virtually. Staff can also mark in their calendars whether they are working from home or in the office.

Microsoft Teams has evolved to make it easier to establish a personal presence when joining a meeting online.

The blur feature allows you to blur the background behind you, hiding the washing that you’ve forgot to put away or the table you’ve not tidied yet – keeping things professional!

Collaborative Working

There is also a layout for Teams called front row. This layout is designed for hybrid meetings, making the video gallery at eye level, so attendees can see remote colleagues in a more natural interaction.

Last year Microsoft 365 announced cameo, the PowerPoint experience which integrates your Teams Camera into the presentation. You are able to customise where you want to appear on the slides. It also offers layout recommendations using Designer in PowerPoint (Microsoft, 2022).

With the help of recording studio, you can record your cameo presentations to be shown at a later date. Which is great for staff sicknesses and holidays.

Microsoft 365 also offers the collaboration of Microsoft Whiteboard and Teams. This allows work teams to effectively brainstorm and learn from any location.

Whiteboard also comes with 50 new templates and existing boards can be opened with external colleagues too.

Whilst working patterns differ, the importance of collaboration stays the same. Microsoft 365 continues to develop to make hybrid working easier for all.

If you are interested in switching to Microsoft 365, The Unite Group can help you migrate your business with ease.

We can help you pick the subscription that suits your business’ needs. Enquire today by emailing us on, or better yet call us on 0191 466 1050.