Again this year, The Unite Group are proud to support Norah’s North Pole.

What is Norah’s North Pole?

Norah’s North Pole works right here in the North East. Providing a small sack of Christmas presents to those children who would go without. Over the past 6 years Norah’s North Pole has delivered 13,876 Santa sacks. This year we want to support them in delivering many more! The Norah’s North Pole elves work with schools and social teams. To ensure get Santa sacks to the most vulnerable children in the North East. They are not a charity just a family who wants to make a difference and sprinkle a little Christmas kindness.

Many of the children only ask for basic things. Such as pyjamas or a packed lunch box to fit in with their peers at school. Norah’s North Pole provides these children with a small sack with gifts inside such as toys, a book, hats & gloves ect. These are gifted to the parents/carers of the children so that they can give them to the child on Christmas morning.

Many children with difficult home lives will wake up this Christmas wondering if they’ve been naughty this year and that’s why Santa hasn’t been for them like he has for their friends at school! Here at The Unite Group, we can’t bear the thought of this. That is why this year we are not only donating gifts as well as our time packing Santa sacks at Norah’s North Pole but we are also becoming a drop-off point.

Who does Norah’s North Pole support?

Below we share some of the children’s stories that Norah’s North Pole will be supporting this year. All the stories of children are real within our region just with the names changed for anonymity.

Amelia, aged 12. Two years ago Amelia lost her Mum to cancer. Since then Amelia’s Dad has struggled, he has sought help with alcohol addiction and feels like he is constantly letting Amelia down. Amelia is a bright girl who is far older than her years, she makes herself breakfast and dinner but says some weeks there is just enough money to do a food shop. Last year Amelia didn’t get anything for Christmas so she isn’t asking for anything this year.

Tom, aged 4. Tom is a quiet, thoughtful little boy. He requires lots of reassurance from school staff and tells them that he is frightened of the dark. Tom has recently been removed from his parents’ care as his needs were being neglected. He talks about hiding under the stairs because he was frightened when his mam left him in the house by himself overnight. Tom likes to play with cars, trucks and trains and wants to ‘fix them when he’s bigger’.

Benji, aged 5. Benji’s mum is dreading Christmas. She knows there won’t be enough money for Christmas presents as they are currently choosing if they need heating or food on a daily basis. His mam said Benji is the most gorgeous, caring and funny little boy. She just doesn’t want him to feel like he has been naughty which is why he didn’t get any presents, as that just isn’t true.

How can you support this fantastic cause?

If you would like to join us in supporting this fantastic cause please feel free to drop off gifts at our office.

126 Great Lime Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE12 6RU


donate via the Amazon list and have them delivered directly to the elves at Norah’s North Pole HQ –

Please note all gifts must be brand new.

Join us in helping to ensure every child wakes up to a gift from Santa this Christmas in our region!