breakdown cyber essentials

In this blog we breakdown the Cyber Essentials scheme. Explain why achieving the certification is important in simplistic terms – perfect to take straight into the next boardroom meeting. As well as, outline how simple it is to get started with achieving a Cyber Essentials certification.

Cyber Essentials

The Cyber Essentials certification is a UK government-backed scheme intended to provide organisations with a basic level of cyber security. The scheme is both accessible and achievable for all.

There are two levels of certification that businesses can choose from – Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus.

Cyber Essentials involves completing a Cyber Essentials self-assessment questionnaire which one of our qualified assessors can assist with. The questionnaire outlines the 5 key areas of cybersecurity. Ensuring sufficient measures are in place to protect both yourself and your business from the risk of falling victim to cybercrime.

Cyber Essentials Plus, takes this certification a step further. Achieving this also requires the self-assessment questionnaire to be completed. However, it then goes further and includes a hands-on technical verification to be carried out.

All organisations should consider gaining a Cyber Essentials to not only protect themselves. But to demonstrate to their existing and future clients that they take data cybersecurity risks seriously!

How to explain Cyber Essentials to your boss

So, you’ve got to this point. You think gaining a Cyber Essentials certification would be a great step to protect your business. We couldn’t agree more! But now you need to stress the importance of this to your boss. Let us help!

Firstly, could your businesses continue to operate if you were to fall victim to one of the above statistics? We’re sure the answer is no! Therefore it is essential you put measures in place to best prevent an attack.

As well as this, it’s a great talking point when you are selling your business to potential customers. Who wouldn’t want to work with a company who can ensure the best protection for their data? As well as this, achieving the certification opens up the opportunity to work with the Government. And the Ministry of Defense (for Cyber Essentials Plus certifications only).

With our Cyber Essentials packages starting from just £800 and monthly payment options available, you can be sure this will be cheaper than the damage caused by the falling victim. With the certification lasting for 12 months, you can relax with peace of mind you have the correct measures in place. Annual renewal also ensures you remain up-to-date with the latest risks in the cybersecurity world. Because we all know cyber attacks are ever-evolving and becoming harder to spot and prevent year-on-year.

How to get started with Cyber Essentials

Getting started with a Cyber Essentials certification is easy! Simply use the booking form below to organise a quick chat with one of our qualified Cyber Essentials assessors. From there we can best advise which scheme is best for you. Our team will then guide you throughout the entire process. Ensuring you have the necessary measures in place. As well as supporting you with the assessment.

Becoming Cyber Essentials certified is easier than you think and could save your business from the unimaginable!

If you’d like to learn more about the process of Cyber Essentials visit our page by clicking here. Or alternatively, dive into our Cyber Essentials blog archive by clicking here!