Cloud-hosted phone systems have changed the way businesses communicate. They are more affordable, easier to manage and scalable than on-premises systems, but they also provide many other benefits. Here are five questions you will want to ask yourself before making the decision about whether your business should invest in a cloud-hosted phone system:

You have to address a few key questions to determine whether your business needs a cloud-hosted phone system.

  • What are the specific needs of your business?
  • How much is this going to cost? Is it worth the investment?
  • How much time will it save? Can you afford not to have that extra time in your day and week? Or do you need it for other things like growing the business or taking care of employees who work remotely (or both)? If so, then maybe investing in a cloud-hosted phone system is worthwhile for you!

A cloud-hosted phone system can reduce employee travel costs, especially if you have remote workers.

With the rise of remote working and telecommuting, employers are looking for ways to make their employees more productive while reducing travel costs and carbon footprint. Cloud-hosted phone systems offer many benefits for this purpose:

  • Employees can be more productive by working from anywhere that has internet access.
  • Cloud-hosted phone systems allow companies to set up virtual offices. In other countries or towns without having physical offices there – so they don’t need to pay for office space or equipment upgrades (such as a new server).

Cloud-hosted phone systems are more affordable and easier to manage than on-premises systems.

There are several reasons why cloud-hosted phone services cost less than an on-premises system:

  • No hardware to buy. You don’t need to purchase servers, routers or switches for your business. The cloud service provider does all of this for you.
  • No software to install. Cloud providers provide all the software needed for your business’ phone system right out of the box. So there’s no need for expensive training either (which can add up quickly). With some applications like VoIP or unified communications (UC), there may be additional configuration steps required such as configuring a firewall or setting up SIP trunks in order for them work properly with their new environment – but these processes aren’t difficult at all with most vendors today! And once everything’s configured correctly,…

Your business will be able to grow as fast as it wants without getting tied down by communications technology that doesn’t scale with your growth.

When you’re running a business, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the technology needs. You have to constantly make sure that you’re keeping things updated and upgrading as needed. This can be especially difficult when it comes to communications technology. This is because your phone system will need to scale with your business.

Cloud-hosted solutions are inherently flexible and scalable–you don’t need any additional hardware or software onsite at all! That means no more worrying about buying more hardware as growth happens! Or needing an expensive upgrade once every few years just because it’s time for a new system (and paying someone else thousands of pounds in labour costs). Cloud hosting also removes capacity concerns from the equation. There’s no need for overprovisioning beforehand since everything is handled by servers in real time instead of locally on each device in the office space itself.

Cloud-based systems allow for easy integration with third-party software and services, such as CRM and email marketing tools.

Cloud-based systems are also more flexible. You can add or remove users at any time. Plus you don’t have to worry about installing new hardware or software on your computers. Cloud-hosted telephony services are ideal for businesses that want to integrate their phone system with third-party software. Such as CRM (customer relationship management), email marketing tools, and other applications.

Modern cloud-based systems let you do everything on mobile devices, including make and receive calls and access contacts directly from the device itself. This makes managing business communications even easier, especially if you’re always on the go or need to stay connected while traveling frequently or across multiple time zones.

You can also manage your call logs from any device! So if someone calls into work after hours but doesn’t leave a message for you, simply check your call log!

Cloud hosted systems give you flexibility, control and ease of use that improves communication within your organisation and helps keep productivity up while lowering costs!

Businesses that are considering a cloud-hosted phone system should take the time to understand how this technology can improve their communications and increase productivity. To learn more about the pro’s of a cloud-hosted phone system, click here!

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