cloud hosted phone system

We understand that changing your phone system can seem like a daunting task. However, it’s important to ensure your business utilises the latest technology. In this blog, we compare the Cloud Hosted Phone System vs Traditional Phone System. Highlighting the benefits of making the change to a Cloud Hosted Phone System.


Traditional phone systems require hardware. This includes a physical phone system on-site and handsets for all staff as a minimum. Hardware is expensive and will end up costing your company thousands! Not only that, but it will likely need to be replaced within 5 years as technology continues to advance. Meaning yet more to spend.

In comparison, a Cloud Hosted Phone System requires no additional equipment. Your team can receive calls via their mobile, laptop, tablet or if you would still like a desk phone we will provide you with an IP desk phone free of charge! As well as this, you will not be required to have a phone system on-site, further eliminating costs. When choosing The Unite Group as your provider, we can confirm there will be no upfront costs for your business! Making this a cost-effective option for businesses small and large.


With more and more employees seeking hybrid and work-from-home roles, the biggest problem facing the modern business is how to ensure their teams can deliver the same level of service at home. A cloud-hosted phone system is a simple solution for this! Your team can pick up calls from anywhere with an internet connection. Meaning your customers will be unaware of your team’s working location. Ensuring you can deliver the highest level of service no matter where your employees are situated.

This is a great advancement in comparison to the traditional phone system where your team would be required to be present in your place of work to answer the phone. Creating accessibility means you’ll never miss an opportunity again! As long as your team has internet access, the call won’t be missed.

Business Continuity

If we have learnt anything in the past 3 years, it’s that your business needs to ensure it could continue running if the world were to close down – quite literally! The Covid-19 pandemic stressed the importance of business continuity. Technology is leading the way in this. Not only does a cloud based phone system ensure your team can answer a call anywhere. It also ensures that if your team could not leave their home, your business calls would remain unaffected.

Clients who had already adopted such technology prior to 2020, reaped the benefits of this technology. Don’t wait until disaster strikes, ensure you have the correct technology in place now. Meaning your team understands how to use it and should there be an instance where our normal way of life is disrupted, your business calls won’t be.


Another advantage of cloud-based platforms is easy integration with your cloud based systems/CRMs. With APIs now available for most online software it means you can have customer information immediately available on your screen when they call in.

Another advantage is click to dial meaning you can click on a telephone number in your CRM or in Outlook and it will immediately call that number.

Traditional phone systems do not connect with other technology in this way. Making cloud hosted phone systems the better option for a modern business.

Microsoft Teams Dialling

Cloud based phone systems provided by The Unite Group also integrate fully with Microsoft Teams. Meaning you can dial directly from the Teams interface. This allows you to utilise the key features of cloud telephony but use the Teams portal that you are familiar with. This makes remote working seamless meaning you always have everything available in one place irrespective of the physical location. In 2023, we are seeing increasing numbers of Teams calls replacing physical meetings. Therefore, this connectivity is vital for businesses wanting to lead the way with their technology use.

To conclude, now we have compared a Cloud Hosted Phone System vs Traditional Phone System, we encourage you to consider the benefits to your business. Here at The Unite Group, we offer businesses big & small the option of moving seamlessly to a cloud hosted phone system. If you would like to learn more, visit our cloud hosted phone system page or arrange a chat with a member of our experience team today!