Unfortunately, we’ve all been there. A productive day in the office stung by an unexpected alert from the Track and Trace app.

10 days isolation is the last thing you need when you are working on an important project in the office.

Depending on your profession, this could be 10 days of morning TV – putting a delay on your deadlines – or this could be a seamless transition.

It is a lot easier for some employees to pack up and work from home than it is for others. This is due to a number of obstacles.

Cloud-based Technology

Here at The Unite Group, we are able to adapt quickly when having to isolate.

This is due to the flexibility of our IT and Communications.

Our IT and Communication technology is hosted in the cloud, meaning we can work collaboratively from any location.

All that is required is an internet connection, allowing us to access our files and make calls from home.

Why you should use cloud-based technology

If you migrate your data to the cloud, your data will be moved from a physical server on-site to an online server.

This allows your employees to work flexibly; remote and hybrid working has never been so easy.

Data in the cloud can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously. Meaning that group projects can remain unaffected by the dreaded isolation text.

Another benefit of hosting your data in the cloud is that your data can be synchronised and accessed across multiple devices.

If your laptop begins a 3-hour update automatically, you can access your files almost instantly from your mobile phone, or tablet.

Hosted Telephony

Hosted telephony allows you to use IP handsets, mobiles, and desktop applications to make and receive calls.

Inevitably, this will improve communication within your workplace when employees are working from remote locations.

The accessibility of hosted telephony, also allows you to work across multiple devices, tailored to your employees needs.

Cloud phone systems can be easily scaled to new business locations. This also covers remote workers, which is an essential in the midst of a pandemic.

Advanced features of hosted telephony include SMS messaging, voicemail, Microsoft integration and more.

The best part of cloud-based technology is that we can create a tailored plan for your business and implement it with little disruption to your working day.

We can migrate your data seamlessly and install hosted telephony with no initial cost.

The Unite Group provide continuous support, both remotely and on-site, answering any queries that you may have.

Cloud-based IT and Communication technology is ideal for small to medium sized businesses and can save a significant amount of revenue.

Cloud-based technology gives you peace of mind for when disaster strikes, and your office has to isolate.

Allowing you and your employees to continue working efficiently, meeting deadlines and communicating effectively.

Want to learn more?

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