A lot of common organisational and productivity-based problems in your business can be solved by simple IT solutions, one of which being Microsoft 365.

Business Continuity

Microsoft 365’s cloud infrastructure allows for enhanced business continuity. No matter the situation with your office, home-workers, or user devices all your data and emails are stored safely. This will make writing up your business continuity plan easier as Microsoft 365 covers a lot of the strategy. Furthermore, if one of your staff members was to accidently delete a file these can be recovered by the built-in file recovery system.

At The Unite Group we aim to provide you with effective IT solutions. That’s why we also provide you with managed backups to ensure your company date is safe, secure, and monitored.

Centralised Collaboration

Microsoft 365 gives your business the tools needed to centralise your team’s collaboration. Collaborative tools allow your team to have shared mailboxes, contacts, calendars, and the ability to edit and create documents at the same time.

SharePoint is key for collaboration and included in the Microsoft 365 package, especially with remote working having become the norm. Files can be accessed and synced on PC, Mac, and mobile devices. So, no matter where you or your colleagues are, everyone can be in the know and work together effectively.

Increased Return on Investment

Microsoft 365 allows you to replace many of your teamwork, compliance, and process automations systems you already have in place. This means that you can use Microsoft 365 as an IT solution to drive IT costs down and therefore increase your return on investment. At The Unite Group we can support you with reducing costs across your Managed IT systems. With us, your support is covered through a monthly cost and is charged per user rather than device. This means there are no hidden fees!

Familiar Applications

A huge issue with purchasing new software systems is the learning curve you and your staff are faced with. The time it takes to learn new software’s can affect staff productivity and can lead to frustration as daily procedures change.

Applications such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel are familiar to most people as they are Microsoft’s traditional products. Even if these have updated or changed slightly since some of your staff have used them, they are likely to be much more familiar with them than other IT solutions.

The Unite Group

As Microsoft Partners, at The Unite Group we have demonstrated our ability to meet customers evolving needs in today’s dynamic cloud marketplace. We also have access to dedicated partner support. Allowing us to provide a priority support service when we need Microsoft’s assistance to resolve any potential technical issues. As part of our Microsoft 365 Support Services, we can help you migrate to Microsoft Office 365.

If you are considering outsourcing your Managed IT Services, you can receive full-service IT support from The Unite Group. Enquire today on 0191 466 1050 or email us on info@theunitegroup.co.uk.

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