answer your business line anytime, from anywhere with voice 365

Here at The Unite Group, we offer Voice 365 – our hosted telephony solution. Voice 365 is a cloud based telephone system that means your calls which can be accessed from multiple devices anywhere. The system offers an IP desk phone and Webex softphone for every user meaning you never have to miss a call!

This is our telephony solution for the modern business. Making incorporating remote and hybrid working even more accessible.

So what exactly is Voice 365?

Voice 365 is a hosted cloud telephony solution. It has a range of features including: call center working, call recording, voicemail, call management, functionality, receptionist software and softphones.

Will my team be able to answer calls from any location?

Yes! As Voice 365 is a cloud-based system, it can be answered from any location. One of our engineers will help your team set up the system on all handsets, softphones, tablets & mobile devices. From then, your business line will ring on all devices meaning your team can answer the phone anytime, anywhere.

Can I make video calls through Voice 365?

Yes, Voice 365 now provides video calling as well as a conferencing facility. The conferencing facility now can host up to 250 participants at a time! Using our docking system working alongside a tablet, creates a professional modern-looking desk phone. Allowing you easy access to both telephone calls & video calls.

Can the softphone be set up on any mobile device?

The Voice 365 softphone app can be downloaded from both the Android and Apple IOS app stores. Therefore any device running either of these can instantly have access to answering your business line. Meaning you don’t have to give your teams personal numbers out.

The softphone can also be set up on laptops & desktop PC’s meaning you really can answer the phone anywhere!

How does the call recording work?

Call recordings can be provided to all users or selected users. They are then stored securely in our dedicated cloud network. Recordings can then be accessed online from any location. Call recordings can be stored for either 30 days, 180 days or 7 years depending upon your needs.

Can I monitor my team’s call stats?

Yes, our Voice 365 solution has call-reporting features. Meaning call reporting, wallboards and daily reports are all accessible through the cloud-based system. This is particularly useful for call centers. Wallboard’s can be displayed on large screens within your office if necessary and our friendly team of engineers will be on hand to set these up.

Does Voice 365 have integration into office communicator software?

Yes, Voice 365 can provide office communicator software in a monthly subscription for all users. Providing a live presence display and integration into basic Microsoft products including Outlook. The software can also support integration into your existing CRM to display information based on incoming caller details. Meaning your team can have a better idea of the the call they are about to answer. Typically speeding up your answering times and meaning you can provide a more personalised service.

Can my existing telephone number be imported into Voice 365?

Any existing numbers can be ported to our cloud network. This process typically takes 10-20 days to complete.

Is The Unite Group team on hand to help if I encounter any problems?

Yes, our dedicated team of engineers provide support from our dedicated remote helpdesk facility meaning issues can be dealt with promptly. Meaning you can be confident your telephone system is in safe hands.

What is the cost of Voice 365?

Voice 365 starts from £15 per user. This includes 5000 minutes per month per user. All users also will receive a handset upon installation. As well as support to set up any necessary softphones.

Are you interested in this service and want to learn more? Arrange a discovery call with one of our telecommunications managers who can discuss in further detail the best options for your business.